Utility Warehouse UK Oldest Firm

May 10, 2021 0 Comments

Utility Warehouse was founded in 2002, making it one among the oldest firms in the industry. After serving for a few years, in 2013, it was ranked number seven in the UK, after it adopted two other subsidiary companies from the Npower. At the moment, UW has a customer base exceeding 650,000 for all its services, which are sold as one bundle-bill. With this vast customer base, Utility Warehouse relies on positive reviews from the customers and their sales agents instead of marketing and advertising. For the agents, they earn incentives when they sign new customers to the firm. 

Besides electricity, which is the main specialization for the corporation, UW issues contacts related to home insurance, mobiles and the broadband. Customers who buy from them get discount benefits and are subjected to paying one combined bill every month. As an offer for the customers who buy all their services, a replacement of their light bulbs with led ones is done for them, free of charge. In addition to that, the customers get a cashback card which earns them some points in the form of cash of about 7%. The cash accrued in the card, is deducted from their monthly bill.

In 2018, the corporation was given the Utilities Brand title. This award was as a result of its mobility, broadband and other energy services it offers. Two years later, it won the same award again. From its founding, Utility Warehouse has been scoring better when rated on four aspects; two well and two fare. Customers have rated the corporation with four stars for their accuracy, clarity and how easy they are. Despite that, the firm did not qualify to Which? Recommended Provider (WRP). This was attributed to the overcharging of its customers in 2020, January. 

The model used by Utility Warehouse is very unique. It accommodates its agents and customers equally, with some of the customers double-serving as agents to sign new customers and being able to earn the same as agents.