Tim Simmons, Robert Bull Are Now Part And Parcel of RoyaleLife

June 9, 2021 0 Comments

When many people in England thought that Robert Bull was alone in caring for the lives of the oldies, there was another man with like mind. Tim Simmons is now officially part of the big family of RoyaleLife that welcomes oldies.

The other welcoming news that is now spreading like wildfire across the United Kingdom is that RoyaleLife is the sole provider of affordable living standards to the people aged 45+ years. In fact, it has been established that the bungalows that Bob Bull and team provide for those that have attained 45 and above are smarter, easy to live in and accommodative than any other houses across Europe.

According to the RoyaleLife’s CEO Bob Bull, the firm has already set out elaborate standards for those who want to join the program. At the moment, the startup negotiates in behave of the oldies by providing them cheaper but nicely-done houses that are safe and secure to live in compared to the houses those aged used to live in.

To substantiate, Robert Bull says that in the past few weeks, he has seen guys take up houses that cost as little as £350,000 leaving unsafe and less secure apartments valued at a whopping £650,000. Bob Bull says the reason for their clients accepting the offer is the quality of life in the cheaper bungalows, the security the members enjoy, the cashback some of them get, and the new .friends they get to meet in the furnished and gated community bungalows.

By bringing on board Tim Simmons, Bob Bull aims at strengthening his team. Mr. Simmons will be RoyaleLife’s Business Development Director at a time the firm is working towards welcoming several oldies who have seen the real value of the Home Exchange Programme. When acknowledging the position, Mr. Simmons told Robert Bull that his 30-year experience in handling real estate business would add value to the company.

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