Haroldo Jacobovicz Impact on Technology

May 23, 2021 0 Comments

Having the opportunity to make your dream come true when still young is one of the best achievements any young person would ask for. Haroldo Jacobovicz has always focused his mindset on being transformational, especially when it comes to technology. Haroldo Jacobovicz started while in college in 1982 with his friends. Their first company was called microsystem, which was influential in helping the businesses improve and make better in inventory management. From his start of that company, he learned a lot, something that he carried along with him as he built his other companies.

Most of the successful businesspeople start from the grassroots. In this same case, Haroldo worked for other companies like Esso, later branded as Exxon Mobile, before making it to different higher ranks. Through his stints in other companies like Itaipu Binational, one that focused on power generation, he gained the much-needed skills that he would use to run a successful operating company. With a clear mindset in entrepreneurial business in that he wanted to transform the world, he believes in leaving a legacy and making his clients satisfied with what he does.

Haroldo Jacobovicz has successfully built on the transformational companies touching many lives of Brazilians. Horizons is proud to fully transit into a 100% percent fiber-optic network, multi-point redundancy, and high-quality equipment for its esteemed customers. With parents who are engineers, this also stirred him to roll his steering wheel into creating something to make an impact making Haroldo Jacobovicz strategize into quality delivery service. Despite the covid hurdles horizons, Telecom launched Horizon s Data Center, which would allow the possibility of launching other products.

Success is always built on the daily habits that we do, including hard work and talent, which has Guided the CEO Haroldo Jacobovicz into attaining his goals. Through the great man study more to make yourself a better person as well.