Dr. Chris Brummer Specializes in Financial Regulatory Law

May 10, 2021 0 Comments

Dr. Chris Brummer experience entails regulatory law with regards to the finance industry. He has worked in many prestigious law firms both in the USA and the UK. Currently, he holds a position as a law faculty director and professor of law for Georgetown University. Before. joining Georgetown University, he worked at the Vanderbilt Law School. He is also a well loved conference speaker and has held a position as visiting professor with the London School of economics.

As mentioned before, Dr. Brummer’s area of expertise is in financial regulation. As such he has established several think-tanks of multiple initiatives to this issue. His latest is the Fintech week

Fintech week is an event that came about from the idea of creating a live forum where professionals could gather and talk about fintech policy. The event takes place one week out of the year. It is an event sought out by leaders from many fields and from around the globe. Together, these experts encourage connection between the leaders in the financial investment sector with the corresponding experts in the regulatory communities.

Educational Background

Dr Brummer is a graduate of Columbia University where he earned a degree in law and graduated with honors. He also holds a master’s from the University of Chicago in Germanic Languages. He has practiced law in New York and London. In 2011, he moved to a Washington Law Firm and was awarded the C Boyden gray Fellowship for finance and growth. Afterward, he founded the think tank for transatlantic Finance.

Dr. Brummer has also shared his experiences book series altered including “the fintech law in a nutshell” and “cryptoassets legal, Regulatory and monetary perspectives.” dr. Chris Brummer has also published federal financial publications, written articles, and reports related to finance in the last few years.